Permits & Applications

There are a number of procedures and forms that are needed for a resident or contractor to complete certain work in the township. If you have any questions, please call the township office.

Use the links below to print out the application and fill in the information before you visit the township building to save time. Permits will not be issued until the contractor obtains a business privilege license.

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Must accompany all other permit applications

Must accompany all other permit applications

More information can be found on the BIU website.

More information can be found on the BIU website.

More information can be found on the BIU website.

Application to install a driveway

Anytime work needs to be done near or on a township road!

If your permit would be denied you do have the option to appeal it with this form.

Application to transfer a Liquor License within Upper Bern Township

Some parts of our ordinances are allowed by Conditional Use Only. This form is submitted to the Supervisors and reviewed at a hearing.

Door to door soliciting must have a permit.

Inspection required, when a property is transferred, that is connected to the wastewater system.

Landlords: This application must be submitted before leasing out your property.


The following are some reasons you may need a permit:

  • Building Permit: required when you construct or modify a building or structure (home, business, barn, pole building, garage, silo, shed, deck, swimming pool, alternative energy facility, etc.).
  • Demolition Permit: required when you tear down a building or structure.
  • Driveway Permit: required when you construct a new driveway or alter the location of an existing driveway
  • Earth Disturbance Permit: required by the Berks County Conservation District (610-372-4657) in order to establish erosion and sedimentation controls and stabilization measures.
  • Sewage Permit: required when you install a lateral to the sanitary sewage system (public) or for any new, replaced or modified on-lot sewage system (private) or for a holding tank.
  • Sign Permit: required when you construct a new sign or modify an existing sign.
  • Solicitation Permit: required to conduct business activities from a non-stationary location or door-to-door sales.
  • Special Permit: required for a seasonal use or temporary activity that may be conducted within a building or lot with specific time limitations.
  • Street Occupancy Permit: required when you do any curb, sidewalk, storm water, utility or other site improvements within the street right-of-way (typically 16.5 feet from the street center line).
  • UCC Permit: required to comply with the applicable state-wide building codes for electrical,mechanical, structural, plumbing and foundation.
  • Well Permit: required for any new, replaced or modified on-lot well supply source.
  • Zoning Permit: required to demonstrate compliance with any pertinent provisions of the ZoningOrdinance. A Zoning Permit is required prior to the issuance of a Building Permit.If you do not comply with the standard procedures, there may be consequences you will encounter. Please be advised that Upper Bern Township has passed ordinances and resolutions to enforce these permit requirements. If you do not follow the rules, the permit fee will be doubled. Further, Upper Bern Township may impose a penalty of $500.00 per day fine plus legal costs for violations.

If you are not sure if you need a permit for your next project, please contact the township office at 610- 488-1191 or email us at

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